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Financial Crime Forensics

Your Partner in Financial Crime Disputes 


We are a consulting and private investigation firm dedicated providing law firms and government agencies with advanced litigation support on their most complex financial crime cases.    


AML/BSA Breaches/Financial Enablers  

Asset Tracing & Recovery

Business Partner & Employee Embezzlement

Consumer, Investment & Loan Fraud

Customer/Vendor/Supplier Fraud

Financial Exploitations/Elder Fraud

Hidden Assets in Divorce

Litigation Support & Prosecution Referrals  

Trust, Family Office & Foundation Embezzlement 

Wage & Hour Violations


TX DPS Private Investigation Company License No. A19954001



Financial Crime Forensics LLC

8700 Stonebrook Parkway #693, Frisco, TX 75034

(469) 922-3133

Steven D. Overby, MBA, CFE, PI
Managing Director | Founder | Former Special Agent (Ret.)


Financial Crime Forensics is led by Steven D. Overby, a former Special Agent (Ret.) with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Office of Inspector General with 28 years of federal service.  His financial forensic investigations have led to over 100 convictions and several hundred million dollars in monetary recoveries for victims of financial crime, including mortgage and commercial loan fraud, securities fraud, embezzlement from financial institutions and ERISA-covered pension plans, and identity theft and financial exploitation.    

Mr. Overby is licensed as a private investigator in Texas, Certified Fraud Examiner, and managing director of the firm. He's earned an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University, a master’s and graduate certificate in finance from Southern Methodist University, and a BA in economics and finance from the University of Texas at Dallas. He's a native Texan who grew up in Dallas and resides Frisco.  

Judge Gavel

Results of High-profile Financial Crime Investigations

U.S. v Shelley

U.S. v Jerrolds

U.S. v Wydler

U.S. v Chenier

U.S. v Montgomery

U.S. v Bruteyn

U.S. v Lewis

U.S. v Bell

U.S. v Cooks

U.S. v Yost

U.S. v Gallego

U.S. v Henry

U.S. v Mayfield

U.S. v  Smiley

U.S. v Smith

U.S. v Hand

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